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Sunday, 19. June 2016

As part of its portfolio, VMP is now offering organic spirulina powder of Chinese origin. On 31 May, the independent certification body QC&I GmbH confirmed that VMP’s spirulina is compliant with EU Regulations 8341/2007 und 889/2008, which relate to organic farming, under control number DE-NW_o13-37200_C. This certificate is valid up until 31 March 2018.

Companies that distribute organic products originating from non-EU countries within Europe are obliged to take part in a control system, so that these products can be certified as complying with European organic standards.

“The certification of spirulina was the first step. We did this to meet increasing demands from our customers, because it is crucial for their production that all raw materials comply with EU organic standards. We have a few new products in our portfolio, for which we are considering EU organic certification and, now that we are familiar with the process, we will push ahead with certification of more products," explains Gerhard Meinel, VMP's Managing Director.

EU Regulation 8341/2007, together with the corresponding implementing Regulation 889/2008, governs how organic foodstuffs must be produced and manufactured. It also defines the conditions for importing organic produce from non-EU countries.

Spirulina, which is also sold as "microalgae", is one of the new superfoods. Because of its high protein content, this algae product is considered to be a high-protein food supplement. As well as its use in food supplements, spirulina is also used in animal feed and in alternative medicine. Spirulina products are thought to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer and allergies and dentists use algae products to help with detoxification following the removal of amalgam fillings. In biotechnology, algae are used as biocatalysts in fermentation processes.

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