Questions about the REACH regulation?

EU Regulation No.1907/2006, also known as the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), has been in force since 1st June 2007. The goal of this regulation is to harmonise and simplify chemical laws in the European member states.

It affects manufacturers and importers who import certain chemical substances or preparations into the European Union beyond a volume of one tonne per year. As an importer and distributor, we have been familiar with this regulation since the beginning, and we work closely with our customers and suppliers to fulfil the statutory requirements.

All of the products traded by VMP Chemiekontorhave have been reviewed in terms of their registration and approval obligations. If the products must be registered, they are pre-registered by our manufacturers. This ensures the continued availability of the products. Upon request, our customers can obtain a declaration of conformity for products that are subject to registration requirements.

We are regularly informed of any modifications to REACH. That allows us to respond quickly to changes and to ensure the raw-material supply. If you have specific questions about the REACH Regulation, our employees will be happy to help you.

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