Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil

Thursday, 11. January 2018

The demand for palm oil has massively increased over the past few decades. The oil is obtained from the pulped fruit of the oil palm tree; it is high-yielding and an essential ingredient in the cosmetics and food industries.

The risen demand and the respectively higher production levels have led to considerable more land being dedicated to growing palm oil trees. The resulting large-scale deforestation of rainforests endangers the biodiversity of the flora and fauna and has a negative effect on the greenhouse gas balance.

In response to respective suggestions by the WWF, the 'Round Table on Sustainable Palmoil' was established in 2004. This central organisation aims to promote sustainable palm oil cultivation methods in order to limit the environmental damage. Its members, the producers and all stakeholders along the entire supply chain voluntarily commit to compliance with certain criteria that go beyond the legal rules and regulations.

VMP Chemiekontor intends to distribute only certified, sustainably grown palm oil. Our membership was inspired by our own desire for responsible and sustainable quality and environmental management; however, it also means that we are taking on the co-responsibility for enforcing compliance with the respective standards – this applies to our suppliers as well as those producers who have not yet agreed to take part in the scheme.

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