Distribution agreement valid for the sales and distribution of additives in Austria

Wednesday, 13. July 2016

Effective 1st June 2016, VMP Chemiekontor will be representing the company Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG in Austria. The representation is for the additives of the Schwegmann company and includes wetting and dispersion additives, de-foaming and venting agents, corrosion additives, multi-functional additives, sliding and levelling additives as well as rheological and anti-skinning additives. With these additives, an important milestone in the development of a specific portfolio for the surface coating industry has been achieved.

"The new products are a significant addition to our portfolio, which includes mainly matting agents and micronized silica gel for the printing industry besides standard chemicals",said Jochen Panzer, Sales Manager of VMP and responsible for the integration of the new coatings segment. "We have been developing the Austrian market for some time now and in particular the coatings segment is very interesting. I am sure that with a local sales and service team we will be able to meet the needs of Austrian customers very well."

"With VMP, we have found a reliable partner for the distribution of our additives in the Austrian market", according to Sebastian Schwegmann, Managing Director of the Schwegmann company. "We look forward to this collaboration and are very confident that that our customers in Austria will be able to profit from this."

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