Hong Kong branch intends to strengthen business relationships in Asia

Monday, 24. October 2016

The foundation of subsidiary VMP Chemical Distribution Asia Ltd. is a major strategic milestone of VMP's long-term internationalisation strategy. The Asian region is an important market, not only with regard to sourcing activities. Asia is also becoming increasingly more interesting as a sales market.

The new company will be managed by a team of three people, Gerhard Meinel, Jochen Panzer and Pui Kwan (Steven) Chan. Our local collague Pui Kwan (Steven) Chan will head the VMP Asia office on site as its director. His responsibilities will include the maintenance of the already existing business relationships and the expansion of the sourcing activities. He will also be responsible for the further expansion of the distribution channels in the Asian region.

"Hong Kong is an excellent location for the Asian region. The good infrastructure, simple rules and low level of bureaucracy create the ideal conditions for its role of gateway to Hong Kong's big neighbour China and the entire Asian region. However, decisive for the choice of location was our close long-term personal relationship with Steven Chan," explains Gerhard Meinel, VMP Chemiekontor CEO. And this relationship has indeed developed over many years. Chan is a qualified banker and has been active in the chemicals industry since 1987, back in the days of Kraemer & Martin; initially as a partner in a joint venture and then as a commercial agent. Throughout the various professional stages of VMP's partners, he has always been a close and valued business partner, and is therefore eminently suited to advancing the Asian business further.

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